with Seattle Mistress Ruby Enraylls

Seattle Dominatrix Mistress Ruby Enraylls

Dungeon Rules

  • 1. The Default Safe Word is “Red”
  • 2. Do Not Talk About Any Gifts (They Can be Left in the Red Box in the Bathroom)
  • 3. No Drugs Allowed
  • 4. No Smoking
  • 5. No Weapons, No Exceptions
  • 6. You Break It, You Replace It
  • 7. No Cell Phones in Play Room
  • 8. No Bare Skin (butts, junk, ect) on Furniture
  • 9. Shoes Off upon entry
  • 10. Ask Before Using Toys
  • 11. Ask Before Touching Anyone
  • 12. Flush a small amount TP only, no other items


If you break any of my rules, limits or violate any of my wishes whether they be related to personal safety or otherwise, you will be asked to leave promptly and you will not be issued a refund. By continuing using this website you are agreeing to those conditions in the event that you choose to arrange a session.

By seeking a session with me you are acknowledging that you understand that I will NOT be engaging in any sexual contact with you and that any attempt made by you to procure such services will result in the immediate termination of any contact between. Although there can be some intimate and sexual themes present during my sessions, I do not engage in any illegal or profoundly unsafe activities. This means that if you approach me seeking an escort type experience I will have to decline.

By seeking to engage in any BDSM related activities you are acknowledging that you are aware that some activities may carry some personal risk.

By using this website and seeking a session with me you are acknowledging that you do not hold me accountable for any physical harm that you may sustain in my care as a result of your appointment with me. You also agree to not hold me responsible for anything that may not go according to plan as a result of something you request, suggest or otherwise put into motion to make happen before, after, during or as a result of you session. You also understand and accept that I am not a doctor, medical professional or licensed educator but simply a knowledgeable source who has decided to graciously share her knowledge in a mentoring capacity. Therefore I am not bound by the same agreements or liabilities.

Cancellations & No Shows

If for some reason you are unable to make your appointment with me, please let me know as soon as possible. Below is an outline of my expectations based on when you cancel.

48 hours: If you cancel more than 48 hours before our scheduled meeting time, I will not require anything from you.

24 hours: If you cancel the same day of our appointment less than 24 hours before our scheduled meeting time, I will require a cancellation fee of 100 or greater.

3 hours: If you cancel after confirming your appointment with me/less than 3 hours before our scheduled meeting time, I will require that you pay for your session, regardless of your attendance Once I have received your cancellation fee, I will be happy to hold part of that payment as a credit towards a future session.

No Shows: If you confirm your appointment and do not show up and you do not contact me within 24 hours of our scheduled meeting time and explain that there were extenuating circumstances, I will expect you cover the entire cost of the session and give me a deposit before I will book with you again.

No Confirmation: If you schedule an appointment and do not confirm with me, I will assume that you are cancelling your appointment with me. I will expect you to send me a 100 no show fee and prepay next time you want to schedule.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Please use my contact form to schedule with me. My contact information can be found there, along with some questions that will help me get a good feel for you and your needs. Please share as much about yourself as possible, I do not care about personally identifying information, just who you are. Please book as far in advance as possible.

If you schedule your appointment further out than 24 hours after the I have accepted your booking, I will expect you to confirm your appointment with me 3 hours in before our scheduled meeting time. I will likely check in the night before but confirmation at that time is not required. Once you have confirmed with me, I will send you directions to my place.

Before We Meet

Once you have submitted your appointment request form and your desired appointment time has been accepted I will require you to confirm your appointment with me 3 hours prior to our scheduled meeting time. You can confirm with me by sending me an email, texting me or leaving a voice mail. Once you have confirmed your appointment, I will send you directions to my dungeon.

I require confirmations so that I can assure that I will be session ready when our appointment time rolls around. If you do not confirm your appointment at the time that we have agreed upon, you have cancelled with me. I do understand that things come up so if you respond to my notice of having missed your confirmation in a prompt manner, there is a chance that we can salvage the appointment or reschedule for later in the day. If you cancel with me by not confirming, I will not accept bookings from you in the future until you pay me a no show fee of 100, more for longer appointments. This is to ensure that my time and gas are not wasted commuting to my studio and so that I can keep my schedule open for people who are serious about seeing me.

If it is your first time seeing me, I may ask you to send me a gift card of the value of 100 for your session with me to confirm that you are serious about booking with me. Please add this information in your appointment form. Should you have to cancel with me, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance and I will be happy to refund your tribute or hold on to it for a new appointment.

If you have missed your appointment with me in the past by not confirming more than once or you confirmed and never showed up, in addition to a no show fee I will have to ask you to send me 50% of your appointment tribute via gift card at the time of scheduling, otherwise I will not add you to my schedule.

What you can expect from me

I generally go into any play with any person by creating a tone of comfort and trust; I’m a very up front and forthcoming person in all aspects of my life, especially when play is concerned. I try to cultivate friendships and intimacy with everyone that I play with and I think it’s extremely important to create a space where open (and sometime uncomfortable) communication is the standard. I do this by being an open communicator myself, maintaining a very non-judgmental outlook and by simply being genuine and honest. I don’t consider meetings like this as an exception when it comes to the way that I prefer to interact with people, although I’m aware that many women in my position would disagree with me about that.
In short, I create comfortable space by being as direct and honest as possible while not stepping on toes. It also helps that I read people very well and I’m very empathetic so I can easily relate to others. You can expect me to be frank, understanding, compassionate and very attentive; While I often play the bitch, this experience is about mutual trust and enjoyment.

Code of conduct when talking to me; When you approach me for the first time it is understandable that you might be nervous and excited but that doesn’t mean that all protocol and manners should go out the window; The things I care about most in my relationships with people are respect, communication, consideration and honesty. To me respect means that when you address me you call me as “Miss”, “Miss Ruby” or “Mistress” never “baby”, “sweetie”, “sexy”, “hun” or any other pet name that you do not have explicit permission to use when referring to me and that you’ll respect my limits and not attempt to push our relationship further than I define it. When you speak to me, I expect you to communicate clearly and be forthcoming about your wants, needs, limits and desires; While I can read between the lines on many things, I do not wish to converse about your interests in any sort of weird code. I also expect you to be considerate of my time and my energy as you would any other human being to whom you were giving up control to.

Do’s & Don’ts

What I do: I offer intimate and enriching fetish, domination & BDSM oriented experiences ranging from mild to wild for single people, couples and small groups in person, online and over the phone. On the lighter side of things I offer sensual therapeutic touch and body work. Additionally I also offer relationship coaching for those struggling with their power exchange dynamic and general to advanced BDSM, D/s and fetish technique lessons. Sometimes I bring friends along for my sessions if that is something that you would find agreeable.

What I don’t do: Sex, other sexual contact, permanently harmful activities.
Do talk to me about your limitations, rules, needs, etc. Negotiation is very important and I prefer it to happen as far ahead of time as you are comfortable.
Don’t assume that I flexible with my rates, policies, limits or rules. Please do not insult me by assuming, asking or attempting to coerce me into making any such exceptions. From time to time I offer deals and under certain circumstances I am happy to make accommodations but please do not expect that to be the case.
Don’t make explicit advances towards me via email, text, call, etc. This means that I am not comfortable talking to you on the phone, over email, over text or over instant message about what I will or won’t do to you, what I’ve done to people in the past, what I like to do, what you like to you or what you’ve read about online. Not only do I not appreciate you wasting my time with such conversation and find it disrespectful but my interests and any activities you or I might enjoy are not for sale from me.
Don’t call me more than once or repeatedly call/text/ask me to call you. I will respond when I am able. If you pressure me for contact or make any sort of demand for my time, energy or otherwise, I will end contact with you and blacklist you.